Losing belly fat

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I used to think that you could lose fat from certain parts of your body by just focusing on that area and doing say sit ups to lose belly fat.

But in reality your body stores fat for energy as backup for when there is no food to be found, and it stores it where it is the most efficient, so in most people it will will be stored  around the waist.

R.D.K holdings S.AThe waist is your centre of gravity and it tries to be as energy efficient as possible, if it stored fat in other places like the ends of your legs for example it would take a lot more work to get about, so you will have to use up the excess fat by burning more energy than usual.

Lifting weights is not just for men, women also get great results from this kind of exercise.

Nearly all people will lose weight from their body in the same order, and you will probably start losing weight from your face first, in women it is usually the arms and legs next and then the rest of the body, your waist will probably be the last place to lose it.

So I’m afraid there is no easy way, but it can be done start burning off that surplus fat.

Start jogging and get out of breath a little but please check with your doctor to see how much you can safely push yourself,  eat up to six small low calorie meals a day, and in three months you will have lost weight for sure.


You need to drink less alcohol, this is one of the main culprits to gaining weight around the waist, you have probably seen thin people with a big belly well this is because of the drink.


There are no nutrients whatsoever in alcohol, so to lose weight you really should watch what you drink.


You don’t have to give it up completely just don’t overdo it, you should drink no more than 4 units for men (a large (250ml) glass of wine), and 3 units for women (175ml glass of wine).


Don’t snack late at night, your body’s not doing anything to work it off, if you go to bed just after eating, your blood sugar will rise, and this sugar will turn into fat, you will probably want to eat in the evening, not because you are Hungary but due to boredom, or habit, this is when the fat will be stored the most, because you’re not eating to nourish.

Aerobic exercise is the best kind of workout, for burning belly fat than weight training.


When eating breakfast. Try to eat at the same time each morning, introduce high fibre meals into your diet, these take longer to digest so you will feel fuller for longer.


Try to relax as much as possible, the cortisol in your body will increase when you are stressed, this increases belly fat, get plenty of sleep, try meditation, and don’t work on anything that stresses you in the bedroom, keep this room calm at all times.